CSR Initiative


Corporate Social Responsibility has become a hot topic of late. With so much business generated content and client generated content on social media, companies have been looking for ways to differentiate themselves. They way to do this, is give back.

Companies sponsor walks for MS, CF, ALS, and other ailments. Raise money in their business for causes such as Red Nose Day that Walgreens is currently running. These are all big corporations who have massive financial backing and public relations departments. All good causes, and all involved do a tremendous amount of work for the betterment of the cause.

We want to help the little guys, the mom and pop places, and the place around the corner you may have never heard. We also want to keep the money in our community. It only makes sense if the business, and patrons of the business all come from one geographic area, the money should stay in that area.

Then candidate Trump ran on a platform about making America Great Again. While we believe he plays a small role in it, we also think you cannot legislate being great. Government can only create opportunity to be great. Its up to everyone to act on it and seize the opportunity. Being great has to be intrinsic, and that is what we want to promote.

The next part of how we help others be great is through social media. Almost everyone has it and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. We can promote business that we are working with, and promote the cause as well. People who may follow us from an event we do at a tattoo shop may come out to a pizza place a few towns over that they never heard of and enjoy what the place has to offer. Businesses then reap the benefits of potential customers while the business and the patron get to give back to the community.  The money is then brought back into the community through cash or donation of goods. If every community found a way to make themselves great, it would in turn make America great again.