Letter From Our Congressman

We are blessed to have been able to make the impact we have so far. As many of you know, we recently had an article about us in the Asbury Park Press. One of the people who read that article was Rep. Tom MacArthur of the 3rd Congressional District of New Jersey. He saw what his constituents were doing and reached out to us with a letter. We want to say THANK YOU! to Tom for his time writing to us. 

Asbury Park Press

We recently did out first interview with the Asbury Park Press, a local newspaper here in Ocean County. It shows how we started and what we have done the last year. It also shows that anyone can make a difference, from having a seemingly meaningless stuffed animal, to a non-profit that grows everyday and helps the community in different ways. Check out the article here.

New Website

We are launching this website in early June, so everyone can get the most out of what we do. Our continued success and growth is all because of the immense support we get from the community. This would not be at all possible without the caring and generous friends, family, customers, and strangers that we see. Being able to help give back on a scale like this is truly a blessing.

What we hope you get out of this site is a way to see what YOU helped us achieve, and to be able to keep in touch. We will post pictures and albums, as well as stories like this to show our appreciation. You can reach out via email or social media if you need to reach us as well. Again we thank you for your support and generosity, and as always, #followthedragon