Site Policies


Effective April 30th, 2018

Privacy Policy

By taking a picture with the dragon, known as Juicy Fruit (JF) Party Dragon, or our a sticker with the dragons likeness on it, you grant permission for us to use your picture on web and social media platforms. A tag in a picture, tweet, or Facebook post gives us the right to reproduce such media if applicable. If you do not want your picture to be posted, please let us know at the time of photography. If a picture is already up and you would like it removed, simply contact us. We will be more than happy to remove it.


We do not use cookies on this site.

Personal Information

 We will never ask you for personal information over social media, or on this site. In the event we need such information, you will be asked if such information is available upon contact and we will issue our contact phone number to retrieve said information. Credit card information on here will never be asked for.

Third Party Information

 Information from this site will never be sold or shared without otherwise given notice or consent. This does not pertain to information crucial to the operation to this site, an/or business herein Any information requested legally within the law will be provided to the proper enforcement agencies.

Email Policy

If you contact us via email, your email address will never be rented, shared, or sold to anyone outside the company without prior notice or consent